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On Monday November the 6th 2017, two C class sections visited  the company Robot SetGo and attended a program in education robotics.


The parade of the 28th of October 2017.

Celebration of the 28th of October, the anniversary of the Greek NO to German occupation.

On Monday October the 2nd 2017,  many athletic events were organized under the framework of the 4th National Day of Athletic Activities.

On Monday September 11 2017 took place the sanctification for the New School Year.

On May 2017, our school participated to the 3rd Contest of the Museum of Macedonian Struggle, with a 15 minute video in witch starred some students of C Class, titled "The school and the Church in the region of Oreokastro during the period 1840 - 1940". The school gained the 2nd prize in the School Movie category. Mrs Evaggelia Kisla, French teacher was responsible for the activity.

There is a Photograph Exhibition from May till September 2017, hosted in our school, with students' works who participated in a Cultural Program, concerning Photography.   

Simultaneously with the above exhibition, an Art Show with students' paintings has been presented in our school.

The Third Class of our school will be visiting the region of Xanthi from Thursday the 6th to Saturday the 9th of April.

On Thursday the 30th of March, an award ceremony, took place for the students who participated in Athletic, Physics and Robotics Contests and also for the students who participated in the Chorus Festival of the Municipality of Kalamaria. 

On Friday the 24th of March 2017, took place the celebration of the 25th of March 1821 anniversary.  Mrs Nektaria Liapaki and Mrs Aikaterini Kalli, Philologists were responsible for the organization and Mr Christos Xanthos for the school chorus. 

Another award ceremony, took place for the students who participated in the street races in the city of Lagada on the 21th of February 2017.

On Thursday the 23rd of March, the  team of the Cultural Program named "The Thematic Photograph as a means of Expression", visited the Photographic Museum of Thessaloniki and attended an educational program.

On Saturday the 18th of March, the school chorus participated in the 2nd European Festival of School Choruses of the Kalamaria Municipality.

The program presented was a great success. The musician Mr Christos Xanthos was responsible for the presentation and the chorus gained the Repertory Prize. 

On Saturday the 18th of March, 1st  Junior High School of Oreokastro participated in the final contest of the 2nd National Contest of Educational Robotics WRO Hellas for High School Students with the challenge "The march of Alexander the Great", with the students: Dionisis Papaioannou, Michalis Vousvoukis and Nikolaos Arvanitidis. 


 On Sunday the 5th of March, 1st High School of Oreokastro participated in the 5th National Physics contest for High School Students, organized by the Greek Physics Organization. Twenty (20) students of our school participated from all classes. 


On Sunday the 5th of March, 1st High School of Oreokastro will participate in the 2nd National Contest of Educational Robotics for High School students titled "The march of Alexander the Great", with two teams:

1η team: Dionisis Papaioannou, Michalis Vousvoukis, Nikolaos Arvanitidis,

2η team: Petros Tziabazis, Konstantinos Labrou.


On Friday the 10th of February, classes C1, C3 and C4, under the supervision of the Musician Mr. Christos Xanthos attended the rehearsal of the National Orchestra of Thessaloniki.


On Friday the 8th of February the team of the educational program "Planet Α2, Galaxy ΚΠΓ, 3-2-1- Launch" visited the French Institute. The visit was organized by Mrs Evagelia Kisla, French Literature. 

On Saturday 28 and on Sunday 29 of January, the 6th Contest of Mathematical and Logical Thinking took place in Anatolia College.

Our school participated with the following three (03) student teams of B Class:

1st team: Kotsidou Martha, Patakidou Elisavet, Vousvoukis Michalis.

2st team: Papaioannou Dionisios, Ignatiadis Christos, Malegou Christina.

3rd team: Kosmidou Iris, Mavrodi Chrisoula, Klebetsani Sofia.

The mathematician Mr Panagiotis Paganos, supported the students.

On Saturday 28 of January 2017 the 77th National Contest "Euclid" organized by the Mathematical Society.

Our school was represented by:

1) Ignatiadis Christos (Β Class)

2) Paganou Anthi (C Class).

On Friday the 23rd of December 2016, our students will attend the theatrical show "The boy with the suitcase", in the theater of Lazaristes Monastery.More...

On Wednesday December 21 2016, our school's chorus, whit the principal Mr Georgios Arvanitidis, the vice principal Mrs Persefoni Liapi and the musician  Mr Christos Ksanthos, visited the Blind School in Thessaloniki.


December 19 2016: our school chorus visited the Autistic Child Association, "Hope" and the Town Hall of Oreokastro and sang the Christmas Carols. 




18 December 2016: Under the framework of voluntarism, our school chorus, with the guidance of the musician Mr. Christos Xanthos, participated with the adult and children chorus of the church of Galini Oraiokastrou to a charity event that took place in Pavlos Melas Hall of Palaiokastro. 


On Tuesday December the 13th the European Project for German Language: GlossoMobil Tour visited our school and organized activities for the students of A and B Classes.


Our school participated in the 3rd Student Robotics Festival and specifically in the Competition Section, that took place in NOESIS, on Saturday December the 10th 2016. The following students participated: Dionisis Papaioannou, B Class and Nikos Arvanitidis, A Class, who wan a special award.


Under the framework of voluntarism a Christmas Bazaar has been organized with the help of students, parents and teachers.


November 4 2016: Under the framework of the lesson of Music, the students of C2, C4 and C5 classes, attended the open rehearsal of the National Orchestra of Thessaloniki.


On October 27 2016 took place the national celebration of the 28th of October.


On October 26 2016,  an educational visit was organized at Fort Roupel.