May 8 2014

«Global Action Week for Education - ActionAid»

Under the framework of ActionAid adoptions supported from our school, several activities took place regarding the Global Action Week for Education.  Mr. Christos Xanthos, Musician, organized the activity.


  • 1st  Junior High School of Oreokastro participated in the Global Action Week for Education, organized by ActionAid during the week from 05-10 of May 2014. This year's theme was  ?Send All my Friends to School? and concerned the children with special capabilities who lack of relevant public welfare in education.
  • The children of A Class organized the action and were informed that this problem keeps 27 million children away from education. They participated in the following activities:

painted in colors schedules of children with special capabilities,

wrote their massages and sent their work along with photographs to the Global Campaign for Education, so that their ideas will be forwarded to the Governments of several Nations with the purpose to eliminate the phenomenon.

  • Our school has participated to the Global Action Week for Education during the past nine years. We strongly believe that we have helped in the reduction of the number of the children who lack education. Today, 54 million children are not going to school, while 2000 this number was 120 million.

Photographs from the action:


«Technology and Art Exhibition»

Some of the items of the Technology and Art Exhibition, which were organized under the supervision of Mrs. Eleni Vasiliou, Electronic Engineer and Mrs. Konstandina Vlachou, Art teacher, are shown below.

Photographs - Technology Exhibition:



Photographs - Art Exhibition:



April 9 2014

«Reproductive Health - Transmitted Diseases»

An inter curriculum educational meeting was organized concerning the matters of Reproductive Health and transmitted Diseases. The collaborator of Hellenic Center for Disease Control & Prevention Mrs. Evagelia Milona and C Class students participated in the meeting. Mr. Savvas Fragos, Philologist organized the activity.

March 30 2014

«Race for the support of the Association of Autistic Child ELPIDA»

Some of the school's students and teachers, participated in a race for the support of the Association of Autistic Child ELPIDA. Mrs. Persefoni Liapi organized the activity.

Photographs from the action:


March 9 2014

«Planting trees in the olive grove of ELPIDA»

The planting in the olive grove of ELPIDA, aimed to the support of the Association of Autistic Child ELPIDA, located in Oreokastro. Mrs. Persefoni Liapi organized the activity.

Photographs from the activity:


March 6 2014

«National Day against School Violence»

Several inter curriculum activities had been scheduled concerning the National Day against School Violence.  Three (03) hours from the school curriculum were allocated for this purpose. The school principal Mr. Georgios Arvanitidis, the vice principal Mr. Panagiotis Paganos and Mrs. Anna Michailidou, Computer Science organized the activity.

The poster:


December 2013

«Christmas Carols for the support of ActionAid»

In December 2013, under the framework of the five (05) ActionAid adoptions that our school had undertaken for the 2013-14 school year, Mr. Christos Xanthos, Musician and the choir of our school sang the Christmas Carols in the market of Oreokastro.

Photographs from the action: