May - June 2016

 «Participation to a photography contest»

Under the framework of its actions for 2016, the Photography Center of Thessaloniki, organized for the 21 continuous year the student photography exhibition from the 21 of April till the 9 of May at the City Hall of Thessaloniki

In the exhibition participated Private and Public schools from the region of Thessaloniki. There is a 16 page catalogue with photographs representing each school. Our school participated with the following students: Εvelina Tsavlidou, Konstadina Portokalidou, Evgenia Kesidou, Κiriaki Anthoulaki, Konstadina Papadopoulou, Dimitris Petridis, Ιoannis Tiliaveridis. Mr Sotirios Evaggelopoulos,  Computer Science, was responsible for the activity.


May 2016

 «Art Exhibition»

 The students' works in the lesson of Arts. Mrs Konstandina Vlachou was the responsible teacher.


May 22 2016

 «Musical performance in Oreokastrou»

On May 22 2016, the musical ensembles of the 1st Junior High School of Oreokastro and the children's chorus of Philiro in cooperation with the Cultural Center of Galini church, presented the show "Musics of the 7th Art".

The event aimed to food gathering for our fellow citizens in need. The school musician, Mr Christos Xanthos was responsible for the artistic presentation of the show.


May 17 2016

 «Award from the HOPE association»

On May 17 2016, our school has been awarded for the students' participation in the charity road for the support of the HOPE association for Autistic children.  The vice principal Mrs Persefoni Liapi was responsible for the school participation.


16 - 23 of April 2016

 «Global Action Week for Education»

A campaign for the students of the world.... for the children of the world!

Our school participated in the Global Action Week for Education that took place from 16 - 23 of April 2016, with the subject "Children with disabilities visible in all schools". This year's action focused in education for children with disabilities and followed the campaign of 2014 and the efforts for equal access in school for all children.

More than 50 million children all over the world do not go to school, while 700 million adults are illiterate.

Global Week for Education, is one of the basic tools of the Global Campaign of Education, witch is an alliance formed in 1999 from educators, students, citizens and international organizations unions. ActionAid is a funding member of the alliance, thus ActionAid Hellas coordinates since 2004 Global Week for Education in our country.

Global Week for Education, has given the opportunity to thousands of educators and students to get informed on the theme and to creatively express their desire for education for everyone!

Millions of parents, teachers and children all over the world appeal to their governments for free and qualitative basic education for all the children of the world. These are the supporters of the Global Campaign of Education. We add our voice on their call.  Your participation will make you the first generation that will give to every child the right to education.

The action was organized by Mrs Evgenia Batziou, Geologist and Mr Christos Xanthos, Musician.


March 21 2016

 «International Day for the elimination of racial discrimination and racism and World Poetry Day»

On Monday 21 of March 2016, several activities were organized concerning the International Day for the elimination of racial discrimination and racism and World Poetry Day. The participating teachers were: Mr Savvas Fragos and Mrs Ioanna Libitsouni, Evaggeli Vlachou and Aikaterini Kalli, Philologists, Mrs Konstadina Vlachou, Art teacher, Mrs Athanasia Giotli, English Teacher, Mrs Aikaterini Makousi, French Teacher, Mrs Argiro Toupala, German Teacher and Mrs Persefoni Liapi, Theologian.  


February 22 2016

 «Discussion on the Theatrical Play Romeo and Juliet on the road»

On Monday 22 of February 2016, some participants of the theatrical play Romeo and Juliet on the road, visited our school and discussed with A and C class students. Mr. Savvas Fragos, Philologist and Mrs Nikoletta Micha, English Teacher, organized the activity.


09 February 2015

 «Safer Internet Day»

1st Junior High School of Oreokastro participated in activities concerning Safer Internet Day, on Tuesday the 9th of February. All the students were informed and filled in a questionnaire for Internet Safety. The action was organized by Mr Georgios Arvanitidis, the school principal and Mrs Anna Michailidou, Computer Science.

December 2015

 «Charity Bazaar and Christmas Carols»

On December 2015 a charity bazaar was organized with the aim of economic enhancement of the Association of Autistic person HOPE, ActionAid and families of Oreokastro.

Alongside, the chorus of the 1st Junior High School of Oreokastro sang Christmas Carols in HOPE and in Oreokastro Market. The activity was organized by Mr Christos Xanthos, Musician.


December 10 2015

 «Caps concentration for charity reasons»

On December 10 2015 a large number of caps was delivered with the aim of ensuring a wheelchair for a student. The activity was organized by Mrs Persefoni Liapi, Theologian.


December 02 2015

 «Speech for the refuges»

On December 02 2015 a speech has being held on refuges matters. Mrs Kiriaki Chionidou were the speaker. The activity was organized by Mrs Persefoni Liapi, Theologian and Mrs  Evgenia Batziou, Geologist.


December 2015

 «Informative speeches concerning Health Education»

On Wednesday 9th and 16th of December 2015 informative speeches were given on the framework of Health Education. The speeches were about voluntary blood donation and were organized by Greek Society of Hematology. The above activity was organized by Mrs Persefoni Liapi, Theologian.



November 23 2015

 «informative speech about puberty»

On Monday November 23 2015 an informative speech was held on puberty issues. Parents and guardians participated. Mrs Eleftheria Spiropoulou, a Social and Clinical Psychologist, was the speaker. 


October 18 2015

 «Anniversary celebration of the Macedonian Struggle»

On Friday October 16 2015 a discussion along with a projection concerning the Macedonian Struggle was realized at our school. Two hours of the school curriculum dedicated to the above anniversary. Additionally, on Sunday October 18 1st Junior High School of Oreokastro participated in the memorial service for the fallen of the Macedonian Struggle, with representatives the students of the Flag and Vice Principal Mrs. Persephoni Liapi.


October 05 2015

 «National Day of Athletic Activities»

All the students and teachers of our school participated in several activities concerning the National Day of Athletic Activities.  Activities included projections for Olympic Games, art creations and athletic games.