May - June 2018

 «Art Exhibition»

Mrs Konstadina Vlahou was responsible for the Art Exhibition with works of our students.


May 13 2018

 «Mount Race for Hope»

On Sunday the 13th of May 2018, students, parents and teachers of our school participated in the 6th Charity Mount Race of the foundation Hope for Autism.


29 April 2018

 «Voluntary Activities»

On Sunday the 29th of April 2018 students, parents and teachers of the 1st Junior High School of Oreokastro, participated in the activity Let's do it Oreokastro, with the aim of making the school yard prettier and safer for the school's students. 


16 January 2018

 «Reproductive Health - Transmitted Diseases»

An inter curriculum educational meeting was organized concerning the matters of Reproductive Health and transmitted Diseases. The collaborator of Hellenic Center for Disease Control & Prevention Mrs. Evagelia Milona and C Class students participated in the meeting. Mr. Savvas Fragos, Philologist organized the activity.


December 14-22 2017

 «Christmas Charity Bazaar»

Under the framework of voluntarism, our school with the support of the Association of Parents and Guardians, decided to organize a Christmas Charity Bazaar, gathering items that were offered by the students, the parents and the teachers. 

The revenues are going to be used for the support of the Autistic Association Hope and Actionaid.


December 09 2017

 «Christmas Carols»

Our school chorus gave the light of LOVE singing Christmas melodies dedicated to the UNIT of AUTISTIC PERSON "HOPE".