December 23  2019

 Christmas Celebration

On Monday, December 23, 2019, the school's Christmas Celebration was held, which included:

  • A theatrical play with the title "Christmas Otherwise" under the guidance of Mrs Persefoni Liapi. Through the work of the stunning performance of the "actors", the true meaning of the Birth of God was emphasized and also the impact of this event on each individual and on humanity.  So we got the chance to see Christmas... otherwise!
  • The choir and orchestra of our school and under the baguette of Mr Xanthos, presented a musical tribute to the celebration.


December 18  2019

 The School Choir and Orchestra visited the Foundation "Hope"

Faithful to the tradition created in recent years, the choir and orchestra of our school visited the "Hope" foundation for the autistic child and presented a program of Christmas activities.   Mr Christos Xanthos organized the visit.