through the English language

with the 2nd Junior High graders entitled


The love for the English language... the desire for the different... the eagerness for cooperation... the joy of creation... the anxious anticipation... the selfless enthusiasm... an idea... a stimulus... an unexpected invitation... and it all came together and tied in!

In mid-February 2016, driven by all the above elements of a successful project, I took the initiative to accept Annnalis' Moris invitation, an inspiring teacher of Varendonck College in Holland and organizer of the whole project. All the classes of the 2nd grade of our Junior High school participated in a project of information exchange via postcards and letters among the students of several countries from all over the world. More specifically, each class became part of a 10country group, out of which only 5 were chosen so that all students could actively take part in the project.

The students keenly worked and did their best, both through their creativity and their high level of language use in order to impress their peers in foreign countries, so as to inform them about our education and country, as well as the Greek culture. By the end of it, they felt more than just rewarded since there was an immediate response from students coming  from 15 different countries in total, who sent us their creations which are exhibited on the ground floor of the school.

Finally, the postcard exchange programme is meant to spark the beginning of a new friendship which we truly hope will continue the following year, through technology this time.

I wish to wholeheartedly thank the students who participated in the effort with such yearning!

 Nancy Giotli

Teacher of English Language and Literature M.A.