Twinning of the 1st Junior High School of Oreokastro

with the Geschwister-Scholl-Gesamtschule in Detmold, Germany

The principals of the two schools, Dr Georgios Arvanitidis and Christoph Trappe, with the presence of the two Mayοrs, Asterios Gavotsis and Reiner Heller along with administrative representatives of the two towns, signed a cooperation agreement in the Town Hall of Detmold.

The agreement under the framework of the Greek -German friendship, includes students and teachers exchange, lessons in both Greek and German language, communication via Internet and cooperation in cultural and environmental activities.

The principal of the 1st Junior High School of Oreokastro, Dr Georgios Arvanitidis, visited educational and cultural structures and exchanged views with the local factors, on issues concerning both schools.

The community of the 1st Junior High School of Oreokastro thanks warmly all those who contributed to the development of the agreement, aiming to the common path of the two peoples for progress and prosperity.

The agreement: