Health Education Program

«I live with Health and Safety at school and at home»

Participating teachers: 1) Georgios Arvanitidis, Agriculturist, coordinator, 2) Hlias Arvanitis, Chemist, 3) Konstandinos Papadakis, Physicist, 4) Anna Michailidou, Computer Science.

Main objective:

The prevention of accidents at home and other interiors.



It is necessary to ensure the conditions of sanitation. safety and pleasurable living as well as the protection of private life in order to prevent every threat against human health.


Participation in a project for the enhancement of initiatives in Health Education Programs:

1st Junior High School of Oreokastro participated with Junior High School of Arethousa,  1st Junior High School of Chalkidona, 1st Junior High School of Koufalia, 4th Junior High School of Polichni and Evening Professional School of Stavroupoli, in a project with the title "Danger Management - I Protect Myself", under the support of the Greek Ministry of Education.


Environmental Education Program

«The students record the food
they consume and are trained in
choosing Healthy Nutritional Standards»

Participating teachers: 1) Georgios Arvanitidis, Agriculturist, coordinator, 2) Evgenia Batziou, Geologist, 3) Anna Michailidou, Computer Science, 4) Mirsini Karvounari, Home Economics.

Main objective:

  • It is important for the students to take initiatives in order to choose correctly their nutritional standards.
  • The above objective could be achieved through actions of motivation and sensitization that are materialized with the participation in lectures, discussions and watching relevant movies. 

Photographs from the class:

Under the above programs a visit was organized to the Environmental Educational Center in Makrinitsa, Volos from 27 to 28 of April 2007.

Photographs from Markrinitsa:


Cultural Program

«Rotonda, a Timeless Monument»

Participating teacher: Efstratios Chatziathanasiou, Theologist, coordinator.


In the framework of the cultural program «Rotonda, a timeless monument», a visit took place in Rotonda - Galerius Arch and in the Summer Palace of Galerius. The visit was at the 22 of March for the students of C2 class.

Cultural Program

«Preparation for the Artistic Games»

Participating teacher: Helen Tzekou, Art teacher, coordinator.