Environmental Education Program  

«The students transfer images
from Nature in the School Yard - 
Phase Ι»

Participating teachers: 1) Georgios Arvanitidis, Agriculturist, coordinator, 2) Anna Michailidou, Computer Science, 3) Persefoni Liapi, Theologian, 4) Konstandina Vlachou, Art teacher, 5) Mirsini Karvounari, Home Economics.

Main objective:

  • School is our second home. The school yard is our balcony, our garden, our flowerpots. We create conditions of joy and relaxation in human environment. We live our every day life with quality.
  • The students led to the desirable results by actions of questioning and sensitization under the guidance of exerts who worked with their teachers.

Classroom Work:



Environmental Education Program  

«Aromatic Plants of our environment»

Participating teachers: 1) Evgenia Batziou, Geologist, coordinator, 2) Evangeli Vlachou, Philologist, 3) Konstandina Vlachou, Art teacher, 4) Hlias Arvanitis, Chemist.

Under the Environmental Education Program, «Aromatic Plants of our  place», a one day visit was organized at the Center of Environmental Education in Vertiskos at January 19 2009. The students participated in several activities at the nearby forest. 

Under the environmental programs «The students transfer images from nature in the school yard. Phase Ι» and «Aromatic Plants of our  place», a visit was organized at Ioannina - Zagorochoria from 26-28 of April 2009.

The visit included:

  • Arrival in Metsovo, tour to the traditional village and visit the Averof mansion.
  • Visit the cave of Perama (Ioannina).
  • Visit the village Koukouli (Zagorochoria) and tour to the Herb museum.
  • Observation of Vikos' canyon and Aoos river.
  • Visit the Environmental Park of Mpourazani. Participation in an environmental program in the 200 acres forest area and observation of the plants and animals that live there.
  • Visit the physical history museum at Mpourazani.
  • Visit the lake of Ioannina and the home of Ali Pasa.
  • Visit the «Vrellis» museum of wax figures.