Environmental Education Program

«The students transfer images
from Nature in the School Yard - 
Phase ΙI»

Participating teachers: 1) Georgios Arvanitidis, Agriculturist, coordinator, 2) Anna Michailidou, Computer Science.

General information:

  • Until now, in the majority of school structures, the conditions that connect students to the natural environment are not fulfilled.
  • Therefore, in the framework of preparation and education of tomorrow's citizen, it is advisable to harmonize the relation of our students to the care of the natural environment.


  • The effective intervention in the improvement of the human environment.
  • The development of students' skills in collaboration and in critical thinking.

Work in the school garden:


Environmental Education Program

«The effectiveness of Physical Environment

in everyday life  and in Nutritional Tradition»

Participating teachers: 1) Persefoni Liapi, Theologian, coordinator, 2) Argiro Toupala, German Literature.

Environmental Education Program

«The effectiveness of Cultural Environment

in everyday life and in Nutritional Tradition»

Participating teachers: 1) Chrisanthi Chaida, Mathematician, coordinator, 2) Maria Daikidou, Philologist.

The two (2) above Environmental Programs, presented the Theatrical Performance, titled: «The effectiveness of Physical and Cultural Environment in every day life and in nutritional tradition». The performance lusted one (1) hour and presented on May 7 2010. Mrs. Persefoni Liapi was both the writer and director of the show.

Photographs from the show:

See a video.

Under the Environmental Programs: 1) «The students transfer images from nature in the school yard. Phase Ι, 2) «The effectiveness of Physical Environment in every day life and in nutritional tradition» and  3) «The effectiveness of Cultural Environment in every day life and in nutritional tradition», a four day visit was organized in Parga- Corfu from 24 - 27 of April 2010.

The visit included:

  • Visit the town of Parga.
  • Tour to the city of Corfu.
  • Visit the Achilion and observation of the physical and cultural environment.   
  • Visit the Asiatic Museum and  the church of Saint Spiridona.
  • Visit the Monastery of Panagia Palaiokastritsa.
  • Visit the Sea Museum.
  • Visit Pontikonisi. Observation of the surroundings.
  • Getting familiar with the facilities in a small industry making traditional kumquat products.
  • Visit the Ancient Theater of Dodoni.



Environmental Education Program

«Renewable Sources of Energy»

Participating teachers:  1) Georgios Thimiatis, Geologist, coordinator, 2) Konstandinos Papadakis, Physicist.

Environmental Education Program

«Solar Energy - Photovoltaic»

Participating teachers: 1) Vasilios Politis, Sociologist, coordinator,  2) Konstandinos Papadakis, Physicist.


Cultural Program

«Practical Theatrical Methods»

Participating teachers:  1) Evgenia Batziou, Geologist, coordinator, 2) Konstandina Vlachou, Art teacher.

In the framework of the cultural dimension of education and the above program, classes A2 and B3 participated in an experiential project named «3-2-1 Making a Movie» that organized by the «Hellenic Network for the Theater in Education». The event took place on May 10 2010.

Photographs presenting some aspects of theatrical play:


Watch an example of theatrical play.


Photographs from the action «3-2-1 Making a Movie».


Watch a video from the action.