Environmental Education Program

«Electronic Recycling»

Participating teachers:  1) Helen Vasiliou, Electronic, coordinator, 2) Panagiotis Paganos, Mathematician, 3) Vasilios Politis, Sociologist.

Main Objectives:

  • The sensitization and motivation in matters of electronic recycling.
  • The contribution in the sustainable management of electronic waste, in a way that leads in the reuse of the recyclable materials.



A Christmas Tree decorated with CDs and diskettes.


Environmental Education Program

«The Contribution of New Technologies in the
development of the Sustainable School»

Participating teachers: 1) Anna Michailidou, Computer Science, coordinator, 2) Georgios Arvanitidis, Agriculturist.

Main Objectives:


Explaining the concepts of Sustainability and Sustainable School.

Recording the contribution of new technologies in teaching (Computers,

Interactive Boards, Network equipment, Projectors).


The effect of new technologies to the:

Implementation of learner-centered teaching.

Enhancement of communication and collaboration - Group Cooperation

Detection of the students' skills.

Management of school's administrative structures with the help of new


Student achievement (grades, results).

Administration (licenses, certificates, data logging, statistics, payroll, etc.).


Class work:


A certificate for the participating students.



Cultural Program

«When Recyclable Materials meet Art»

Participating teachers: 1) Konstandina Vlachou, Art teacher, coordinator,  2) Evgenia Batziou, Geologist.

Main objectives:

  • Students were encouraged to participate in team work.
  • Both aesthetic education and critical thinking were cultivated.
  • Students have developed an environmental consciousness.
  • Skills have been acquired.

Techniques like decoupage, wet glass and paper elaboration have been used.

The students made usable and artistic creations that were presented in a school exhibition.


 Class Work:


Some of the objects presented in the exhibition:


Cultural Program

«The Ancient Greek Tragedy in Cinema»

Participating teacher: 1) Savvas Fragos, Philologist, coordinator.

Sub themes of the program:

  • Approach of the basic elements for the ancient Greek theater.
  • The woman as a carrier of revenge, as a cause or a victim of war, as punisher and her relation to paternal authority.
  • Monologue interpretation.

Main objectives:

Exercise the students' expressive means.

Connection to the art of theater and cinema.



Introduction from Mr. Savvas Fragos:

In October 2013, I proposed to my students the cultural program «The Ancient Greek Tragedy in Cinema». The basic question that was going to employ us was simple: could works that have been written 2500 years ago interest the modern man? We have decided to deal with the three Euripides tragedies: Iphigenia in Aulis, The Trojan Women and Electra.

At the beginning we viewed some relevant films directed by Michalis Cacoyannis.

Then, the students formed groups and designed the movie sets, costumes, posters and wrote texts for the scenario.

The last group interpreted the monologues that had been chosen from the three tragedies.

This effort lasted 8 months. During those months, my intervention was the shortest possible, since I wanted to let my students to form their own view concerning the theme we studied.

Today, 8 months later, I would like to thank them from the bottom of my hart, for their enthusiasm and all the things they taught me.


 Photographs from the rehearsals:


Costumes and sets:




Photographs from the performance:


Cultural Program

«Interactive and Interdisciplinary approach of the Christmas feast -Conclusions - Extensions»

Participating teachers: 1) Argiro Toupala, German Literature, coordinator, 2) Persefoni Liapi, Theologist.

Sub themes of the program:

Love and solidarity through Christmas in modern reality.

Sensitization - Social need - Social action and offer -Voluntarism.

Critical approach.

Main objectives:

Collaboration - Team work.

Development of self respect.

Sensitization in social affairs.

Voluntarism - Development of social activity.



Photographs from the theatrical play "Christmas without Christ", on Desember 23 2013. The show directed and organized by Mrs. Persefoni Liapi and Mrs. Argiro Toupala.


In the framework of Proclamation of Thessaloniki as the Youth Capital of Europe for 2014, a theatrical play has been presented in collaboration with the 3rd Junior High School of Echedoros with the title "Come to my place!". The scenario has been written by Mrs. Chrisa Kosma, Philologist of the 3rd Junior High School of Echedoros.

The poster of the show:



See a video from the show.


Cultural Program

«Perpetual Love: The theme of love in Greek International Music and Literature - Enabling the Social Form of Love through Volunteering Actions»


Participating teachers: 1) Christos Xanthos, Musician, coordinator, 2) Evgenia Batziou, Geologist.

Sub themes of the program:

Seeking and finding songs that praise every form of love in both Greek and foreign music tradition.

Choir formation - Song rehearsal.

Finding informative material on the concept of love, in literature, religion and philosophy.

Expressing love in the modern social level.

Developing voluntarism.

Preparing a musical performance.

 Main objectives:

Encouragement of students in order to participate in team work.

Getting acquainted with the Greek and foreign musical literature.  

Development of vocal skills.

Discussing voluntarism.

Cultivating aesthetic criteria and social sensitization.

Enhancement of self esteem.



 The Christmas bazaar.


The presentation of a Christmas Musical Show

for the children of the Society of Autistic Child, HOPE.

The participation to the Art Students Meetings on May the 6th 2014. The meetings were organized by the Department of Cultural Affairs of Western Thessaloniki.

The presentation of the musical theatrical show titled ?Perpetual Love?, on May the 15th 2014.



The poster of the show:


See a video from the performance. 


Cultural Program

«Improving Communication in Student - School Relationships with the help of New Technologies. Becoming familiar with the Administrative Practices of Public Organizations»

Participating teachers: 1) Georgios Arvanitidis, Agriculturist, coordinator, 2) Anna Michailidou, Computer Science.

Main objectives:

      Analyze the concepts of communication, individual skills, administrative practices and organizational services.

      Detection of students' skills and capabilities.

      Improvement of students' communication.

           Usage of new technologies.

   Enhancement of students collaboration in order to understand administrative practices.


Recording the electronic equipment of school.


Preparing questionnaires relevant to:

The usage and role of new technologies at school.

The preparation of the School Regulation.


A certificate for the participating students.


Under the above four programs, an educational visit was organized to Ioannina-Preveza from 3 to 5 of April 2014.

The visit included:


Visit the Archaeological Museum of Ioannina.

Visit the little island an Ioannina lake and the house of Ali Pasa.


Visit Ancient Nikopoli and the Acheron  Necromancy.  

Environmental trail at the shores of Acheron River.


Visit Zallogo and the Monastery of St. Dimitrios.

A tour in Metsovo.



       Under the framework of innovative actions, a photograph contest has been organized, with the title of - Memories from Ioannina & Preveza-.

     At the  first phase of the contest, the photographs evaluated from five teachers and specifically, Mrs. Evaggeli Vachou, Konstandina Vlachou, Persefoni Liapi, Anna Michailidou and the principal, Mr. Georgios Arvanitidis.

    At the second phase of the contest, all the school students had the opportunity to vote the best pictures. The best eight pictures that had been selected are the works of the following students: Georgia Gotouchidou, Fotini Zachariou, Andigoni Kaisidou and Sofia Bousaki. 

    For the three best pictures were given awards and a symbolic gift from the Association of Parents. The first and third price won the third class student Fotini Zachariou and the second price the first class student Sofia Bousaki.

            The activity organized Mr. Christos Ksanthos, Musician.

The eight pictures of the second phase: