Environmental Program

«Recycling Paper and added value for school»

Participating Teachers: 1) Panagiotis Paganos, Mathematician, coordinator, 2) Vasilios Politis, Sociologist.


Collaboration with ECOTRANS,

a company for recycling paper.

Photographs from selecting paper:


Cultural Program

«Thematic Photograph as a Mean of Expression»

Paricipating Teachers: 1) Georgios Arvanitidis, Agriculturist, coordinator, 2) Anna Michailidou, Computer Science.


 Working in classroom:


Visiting the Museum of Photography (Thursday March 23 2017)

and attending an educational program:


The students attended ten (10) lessons with Mr Nikolaos Tsigaros, PhD, MSc.

Students' work:

Athanasiadou Evaggelia, Β1

Andreoglou Hliana, Α1

Vogiatzi Ksanthoula, Β1

Hliopoulos Dimosthenis, Α1

Kakanis Grigoris, Β1

Krali Chrisa, Α4

Seitanidou Anastasia, Α5

Simeoforidou Anatoli, Β3

Photograph Exhibition at School:

Students' certification:




Cultural Program

«Glass, Paper, Wood and Art»

Participating Teachers: 1) Konstadina Vlachou, Art Teacher, coordinator, 2) Evgenia Batziou, Geologist.


 Working in classroom:


Panting in paper:


Compositions with paper:

Painting in wood with Pyrograph:


Cultural Program

«I open the door at night - Humanity paths with the vehicle of song»

Participating Teachers: 1) Christos Xanthos, Musician, coordinator, 2) Persa Liapi, Theologian.


 Christmas Charity Bazaar, December 2016:

December 18 2017 - Christmas Celebration

Pavlos Melas Hall at Palaiokastro:

Christmas Carols - Autistic Child Association, HOPE:

Christmas Carols at  the City Hall of Oreokastro:

Carols at School:

Carols at the Blind School:

Saturday March 18 2017: our school chorus participated

at the 2nd European Festival of School Choruses of Municipality of Kalamaria.

Our chorus took the Award of Repertoire Selection,

with Mr Christos Xanthos, as conductor.

 May 2017 - The program presented at school:


Cultural Program

«Planet Α2, Galaxy State Certificate, 3-2-1 Launch»

Participating Teachers: 1) Evaggelia Kisla, French teacher, coordinator.


  • Aim: the preparation of 17 students of C class and 2 of B class, for their participation at the exams of the State Certification, on May 2017. For their better preparation, students attended a French lesson every Friday from 13:30 to 15:00, from the beginning of October.
  • On February 3rd 2017, a visit was organized at the French Institute.

  • Participation at the Reading Marathon of the French Institute of Thessaloniki on April 2017.
  • Under the framework of the Reading Marathon, a movie has been presented which was based on a French literary book.


Cultural Program

«CINE FLE for A Class»

Participating Teachers: 1) Anna Michailidou, Computer Science, coordinator, 2) Evaggelia Kisla, French teacher.


  • Aim: the lesson of French language of A Class was presented with small funny videos, created by the students.

Under the framework of the above programs, a four day educational visit was organized at Ioannina - Zagoroxoria, from 04 to 07 of May 2017.