Career Education Program


Participating Teachers: 1) Anna Michailidou, Computer Science, coordinator and 2) Georgios Arvanididis, Agriculturist.


Lessons at computers Lab.

February 25 2018

Students' participation

at the National Contest of Educational Robotics WRO

Byzantine Empire  and Communications.


April 18 2018

Students' participation at the 10th Computer Conference.



Robotics Festival May 24 2018




Environmental Program

«Natural and Cultural Environment: the impact in every day life and in configuration of the tradition in nutrition»

Participating Teachers: 1) Persa Liapi, Theologian  coordinator 2) Christos Xanthos, Musician, 3) Vasilios Politis, Sociologist.

During the current school year an Environmental Program with the title mentioned above took place in our school.

The nutrition is a part of the every day life and is depended on many parameters.

The natural environment, the climate, the geography, the land morphology and the professional activities have a significant impact on nutritional choices. 

Additionally, the cultural environment, with the aspects of language, history, religion and customs, have a great significance in traditional nutrition.

The participants used the experiential learning, through the theatrical actions, which were written and directed by Mrs Persefoni Liapi.



Cultural Program

«Musical Bridges reflections of youth communication through Musical and Theatrical roads»

Participating Teachers: 1) Christos Xanthos, Musician, coordinator 2) Persa Liapi, Thelogian.


The aim of the program was the development of musical skills and the organization of actions that enhanced the communication between the participants and also with other members of the local society. 


1. The presentation of a Christmas program to the students of our school.

2. The organization of a school Christmas bazaar.

3. The presentation of a Christmas program "The Wish Tree"  in  New Maditos.

4. The presentation of a musical performance for the autistic children of the "Hope" foundation in Oreokastro.

5. The meeting with Crete Archbishop and the participation in a radio show with world wide transmission. 


On Wednesday the 23rd of May 2018, the two programs above were presented to the public with a musical theatrical show both for the students and the parents. The program included:

1. The musical theatrical performance "Music. A road to communication"

2. The theatrical performance "A taste from nature and culture"

Mrs Persa Liapi directed both the above performances and Mr Christos Ksanthos held the music direction.



Cultural Program

«Photography and Creation»

Participating Teachers: 1) Anna Michailidou, Computer Science, coordinator, 2) Georgios Arvanididis, Agriculturist and 3) Panagiotis Paganos, Mathematician.


 Classroom actions:


May 23 2018

Photography Exhibition



Students' Works

Eva Athanasiadou, C1

Kiriaki Anthoulaki, C1


Magda Veneti, Α4


Marios Granis, C1

Thanasis Kefaladelis, C2

Sofia Klebetsani, C2

Melana Skitotomidou, Α5

Giannis Papiomitoglou, Α3



Caltural Program

«The Art of Theater: a vehicle»

Participating Teachers: 1) Evgenia Batziou Geologist, coordinator, 2) Konstadina Vlachou, Art Teacher and 3) Evageli Vlachou, Philologist.


The cultural team followed the principles of the Theater of the Oppressed. The actions included:

1. Theatrical games of trust and  inspiration of the team.

2. Status games.

3. Theatrical games that aim to the sensitization of the students in social matters that concerning vulnerable social groups.

4. The Theater of Images ("Group Sculptures".

5. Forum Theater.

The presentation in our school:



Cultural Program

«Can you change my opinion - Rhetoric - The Art of convincing»

Participating Teachers: 1) Xariklia Tzatzou , English Teacher, coordinator, 2) Ioanna Libitsouni, Philologist.


Τhe treatment of agoraphobia.

The respect to the different opinion.

The enhance of self respect.

The cultivation of critical thought.

The construction of oral speech.


1. The participating students prepared the theme with the use of adequate material.

2. After the rhetoric game, the students discussed and commented the various aspects of the theme.

3. The basic team. participated in the REGIONAL ARGUMENT RACES.

4. Under the framework of thematic week, all the participating students presented the program to many of the other students of A and C class.

Under the framework of the innovative action programs an educational visit took place from 19-22 of April 2018, in Crete.