The Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs in order to create integrated personalities, aims to skills development, health promotion and upgrading the quality of students? life. Therefore, it proceeds with the implementation of the program "Social School".

The "Social School" includes a set of actions and events, which refer to the entire school curriculum, addressing the whole school community and not isolated cases. Among the goals of the program "Social School", are health promotion and quality enhancement of students? lives, through the design and development of actions that are implemented with the active participation of students, teachers and parents.

The "Social School" works alongside the courses, with the implementation of programs aimed to the right information and to new experiences, providing knowledge and developing the skills that will contribute to the formation of integrated personalities.   

SCHOOL YEAR 2017-2018

October 02 2017

 «National Day of Athletic Activities»

On Monday October the 2nd 2017,  many athletic events were organized under the framework of the 4th National Day of Athletic Activities.

 SCHOOL YEAR 2016-2017

October 03 2016

 «National Day of Athletic Activities»

Several activities were organized concerning the 3rd National Day of Athletic Activities, with the theme of School Athletic Activities and the European Athletic Week. The slogan adopted was the following: "Feel the joy of sports without the victory anxiety and the fear of failure". Mr Dimitrios Roundos organized the activities.

  SCHOOL YEAR 2015-2016

October 05 2015

 «National Day of Athletic Activities»

All the students and teachers of our school participated in several activities concerning the National Day of Athletic Activities.  Activities included projections for Olympic Games, art creations and athletic games. 

  SCHOOL YEAR 2014-2015

October 15 2014

 «National Athletic Day»

Under the framework of Social School, sporting activities were organized on Kontaxopouleio Sports Center of Oreokastro. The whole school participated. Organizers of the activity were the athletic teachers, Mr. Dimitrios Roundos and Mrs. Vasiliki Chatzipetrou.

School Year 2014-15

 «Network for the Prevention and Confrontation of Bulling»

Under the framework of Social School and during the School Year 2014-15, a Network for the Prevention and Confrontation of Bulling has been materialized in our school. Two representative teachers have been appointed and in particular Mr. Dimitrios Mattas, Physicist and Mrs. Anna Michailidou, Computer Science.