April 19 2007

Science Center and Technology Museum (NOESIS)

A and B Class visited Planetarium and watched the movie: «Journey to Infinity».

March 19 2007

American Farm School

Also, in the framework of the lesson School Career Orientation, C Class visited the American Farm School of Thessaloniki. Mrs. Andigoni Nikolaou, English teacher, organized the two above visits, as responsible of School Career Orientation.

December 21 2006

Manpower Employment Organization of Oreokastro

In the framework of the lesson School Career Orientation an educational visit for the C Class was organized in the Manpower Employment Organization of Oreokastro.

December 14 2006

Thessaloniki Concert Hall


Το πουλί της φωτιάς The magical glow that the Fire Bird  radiates, lights the path of young Tsarevits, helping him to avoid hazards and find love. He flies riding on the back of a wolf that has human speech, meets the furious Baba Yaga and sets free the beautiful princess who had been captured by Kostsei the Immortal.

It is a play written by Igor Stravinsky.



   Responsible of Cultural Affairs for the School Year 2006-2007,
appointed Mr. Savvas Fragos, Philologist.