February 11 2020


Under the framework of the lessons of Computer Science, Technology and Mathematics,  classes A1 and B1 visited Thessaloniki Science Center and Technology Museum, NOESIS.

Class A1 attended the educational program  "Wind and Water", which concerns meteorological phenomena.

Class B1 attended some lectures relevant to the Safety in Internet.


January 17 2020

"National Orchestra of Thessaloniki"

Under the framework of the lesson of Music, the students of A Class, had the opportunity to watch the National Orchestra of Thessaloniki in full composition to present the symphonic play of Gustav Holst, titled "The Planets".   The visit was organized by Mr Christos Xanthos, Musician.

December 13 2019


Under the framework of the lessons of Religious Matters, Geography and History the students of B Class visited the Hellenic Education Museum in Kalampaka and learned about the old school class, the formation of the rocks of Meteora and the monasteries located there. Finally, the students visited the Christmas Village at Trikala.



December 10 2019

"Aristotle Natural History Museum"

Under the framework of Geography and Art Science,  Β class visited the exhibition "Minerals and Man" and "Minerals and Art".  The students watched a video and learned about the history of minerals from ancient times till nowadays. The visit was organized by Evgenia Batziou, Geologist.

November 27 2019

"A trip to the world of movie music"

Under the framework of the Music lesson, Β1, Β2 and Β4 classes had a unique experience, since they learned about the magic of the cinema music, through the eyes of Kostas Christidis, a professional composer of movie music.

At the beginning, the students learned about the historical development of both the movies and movie music. Afterwords, the composer explained to the students all the phases of the creation of a movie soundtrack. The visit was organized by Mr Christos Xanthos,Musician.



October 23 2019


Under the framework of the lesson of Physics, on Wednesday, the 23 of October 2019, B3 Class of our school, visited NOESIS to monitor the Tinkering Program.In the library, at the Tinkering Lab, pupils harness their imagination and creativity and work together for a common purpose, exploring materials, tools and methods and developing skills that make real connections to science, technology and engineering. The visit was organized by Mrs. Alexandra Doumanidou, Physicist.


A video from the activity.


October 18 2019

Macedonian Museum - War Museum

Under the framework of the Macedonian Struggle, on Friday October the 18th 2019, A and C classes of our school visited the Macedonian Museum to attend a program related to the Macedonian Struggle. The students gathered information concerning the historical facts and also the every day life in Macedonia of that period. 

At the same day, the students of C Class, visited the War Museum and attended a program  concerning the Macedonian Struggle.